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  1. In another thread someone suggested to take a bag in doubt to a Cartier store for authentication. Is this possible, or could they confiscate the bag from you if it's not authentic? Could I do that at Hermes or would be too embarrasing?
  2. They would not confiscate your bag, your ego will be slightly bruised but at least you know the truth :smile:
  3. you can always post photos in the Hermes Authenticate This! sticky :yes:
  4. I wonder how many places will tell you whether a bag is authentic or not. Recently I asked a question about a bag's detail, and the SA said they weren't permitted to give any authenticity information. You'd think they would want to help us weed thru the fakes!
  5. Not all SAs know enough about the ins and outs of their product line to authenticate (at least in my recent experience! :yucky: ).
  6. Many flagship stores won't authenticate items at all - they're not obliged to, and really, why would they? In their opinion, you should probably be buying the bags from their store!

    They won't confiscate your bag though. That would be stealing ;)

  7. Very true!!