Authentication: who is best equipped to handle questions?

  1. I regularly read General Discussion and the Hermes subforum. And only those forums, as my time is limited. Yet sometimes I have Authentication questions.

    When I've made a thread in the Authentication subforum about Hermes, it gets few responses - especially from those people who are best equipped to answer. Probably because they don't read that subforum daily. I suspect LV, Chanel or Chloe fans run into the same problem.

    Would it make sense to keep authentication questions in the appropriate Designer subforum where our most knowledgeable members read those threads daily and are most likely to answer?
  2. I agree. I hardly ever go to the authentication board.
  3. We have been trying to figure out the best place to put these... because we can't really have them in both places because it makes it much harder for everyone to find and we keep having to move it all around- let me talk to Vlad and the mods a bit more about it... right now we want everyone to use the authentication area
  4. How about a member poll?
  5. In my opinion authentication posts "clog up" good discussion about the bags.

    In the balenciaga, chloe, and LV forums for example - there could be 10-20 authenticate threads daily - this is simply congestive to the flow of good bag conversation.

    in the Hermes forum I would imagine there would not be as many authentication questions; and it is hard to authenticate an Hermes bag. I have seen, held, touched them; but, I would not dare give an opinion on one.

    Perhaps you should just remind the gals in hermes to check out the authentication forum every once in a while. Or, PM someone who is good at authenticating and link them to your thread in the appropriate forum.

    Allowing those threads in the other sub-forums would heavily detract from the content there - there are simply too many "newbies" who come here to merely ask if something is real -
  6. With all due respect; many people are by nature lazy and would vote to allow these threads in the subforums - this DOES take away from good discussion. You don't see it in Hermes; but, you would see it in the other subs; where as I stated there can be 20 ebay questions an afternoon.
  7. I see your point, but I think it's burdensome to ask our most knowledgeable members to take more time each day to wade through a mixed bag of authentication requests.

    The most informed people tend to specialize in one line or another, and already read the subforums that interest them. Perhaps there could be one sticked authentication thread in each one? Or a sub-subforum associated with it.

    The problem as it is now, is that there are plenty of people reading the authentication forum, and most of them are looking for knowledge, not providing answers. And if they are providing answers, they're often based on subjective, rather than objective criteria.

    I understand your need for tidyness. Please try to understand my interest in accuracy and precise information.
  8. I agree 100 percent. I like the separation of authentication questions from the rest of the bag discussions. It helps keep discussions running smoother.
  9. As I said, Private message the "experts" to look at your threads.

    To simply state it, you are viewing this issue only from the perspective of the Hermes forum and are not appreciating the amount of authentication threads that get started about the other brands.

    To make YOUR life easier would inevitably make many other people's lives MORE difficult. In life, the needs of the many outweigh the wants of the few.
  10. Is that really the preference of members? It's hard for me to imagine, but if you have the data to support that assertion, I can accept it.

    I will take up your suggestion and PM members about threads that are important to me. Thanks.
  11. We had to find a way to end the clutter and make everything uniform. This is the way we chose to handle it now. There are searches for each sub-forum and threads and you can always send people a link you would like them to check out.
  12. eww,.. touchy subject but in MO I think authenticity questions should stay in their sub-forums because it makes it easier for US to see them and help some members out. I never look at the Authenticate this section and someone that may need my help can't get help because I spend all my time in the general and Hermes/Balenciaga section.
  13. What if you had an "Authenticate This" sticky in each sub-forum and request that members post authenticity requests in there. That way it would still be where the most knowledgable members would see it but free the sub-forum from clutter.

    Just an idea.
  14. This, IMO, is the best solution. Everything would stay neat and clean in one thread but people who are qualified and only visit 1-2 forums would still see it in their respective sub-forums and be able to help quickly.
  15. I go to the AUTHENTICATE THIS! sometimes and I see a LOT of authentications threads ranging from every designer, and thru a quick skim I find that the most are LV and Balenciaga.

    I think I like dianagrace's suggestion to make an AUTHENTICATE THIS sticky in each designer sub-forum, so that the authentication threads are strictly on one designer only (easier to spot, therefore having the chance of bringing more help to the threads) yet don't clutter the other normal threads.