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    The following are pictures of authentic Gaucho bags.

    A: The lambskin links must look like this color, and must look "dirty" (it has been finished with black wax for a vintage effect)

    B: The leather must be very smooth and shiny (it should have a very pronounced sheen in at least one of the pictures provided in any auction)

    C: The Dior logo must conform with the proportions of the Dior logo on the website. The D must be bigger than the other letters, BUT it must look like it still belongs to the "ior" letters (i.e. it cannot look any bit free-standing).

    D: Dior's face MUST have a groove in his face right in the middle of the space between his mouth and ears. Any medallion without this groove is fake.

    E: The "CD" engraving MUST look like the C and D are very close together. If they look like they have a space in between them (that is more than in that in the picture) the bag is fake.

    F: The Christian Dior PARIS logo MUST be cleanly and clearly embossed into the leather, and must look IDENTICAL to the Christian Dior logo on the back of a Parfums Christian Dior box (i.e. the logo on the back of their makeup/skincare/fragrance packages, which are an easy way to access authentic Dior). ANY differences are suspicious as they mean that a bag is fake.

    G: The two metal studs on the Gaucho medium and the Gaucho tote bags MUST be concealed by the Dior logo portion of the decorative belt buckle, but at extreme angles you should be able to see it. IF you are looking dead-straight at the bag, you shouldn't see them at all (if you see them the bag is fake).

    H: The two metal studs on the Gaucho double saddle MUST be concealed by the arch of the decorative belt buckle. If you see them at any angle the bag is fake.
  2. Before I go on to do other Dior styles, was this helpful? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make these tips better? Are my descriptions confusing? Should I post pictures of fakes too (I chose not to this time only because fakes can vary so much, and I don't want to confuse people into believing that bags that don't look like the fakes I posted are real)?

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!!! :biggrin:
  3. it's really helpful. although the pictures aren't showing up for me. :confused1:

    and yes, i think just photos of the real deal should be good. :yes:
  4. Thanks a million Zerodross! I pasted the pictures through Yahoo Photos...I'll post a link to my Yahoo Photos (maybe that can help).
  5. :yes:
    and after that i reckon the girly range!
  6. quoting mayday, i edited her post by inserting the relevant pictures to match the description/tips she gave (since yahoo didn't allow her to direct link the images)

    p/s i hope you don't mind me editing your post (with the pictures) mayday!
  7. WOW! It looks a LOT more helpful this way! Of course I don't mind you editing my always have amazing suggestions! :biggrin:


    A: The flap forms a concave arch where it folds over the openning of the bag.


    B: This section of the bag is supposed to bulge out


    C: Consider this the bag's "booty" sticks out with a nice shapely rounded bulge (I hope this doesn't offend anyone)


    D: The interior leather flap MUST have an accurate Christian Dior PARIS logo in embossed OR silver OR gold lettering. The font of Christian Dior is very weird; the C and D are taller than the rest of the letters EXCEPT the h, which has a back that extends to the height of the C. Notice the stitching around the edges of this flap; some authentic models do NOT have this stitching (it's just one piece of leather).


    E: The zipper pull is a metal CD but this is ONLY for the Dior Saddle (NO other bag should have this). Almost all fakes get this detail right, but this is something that all saddles need to have.

    Yahoo! Photos - chitchatalluwant's Photos - 2006-12-01 Here's the album in case the photos didn't paste properly.
  9. OMG Mayday, you are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge...
  10. It was really helpful! I hope you do more. :smile:

    You can also try photobucket as a host for your photos. It's free, and they allow image hotlinking.
  11. This was soooo helpful... i just purchased a Dior Gaucho in denim and compared it with my sisters 'Fake' Dior Gaucho in the off white colour, i have taken pictures of the obvious differences in and out of the bag as well as the authenticity cards. I'm a new commer here and i'm not sure if this is allowed!.. can i do this... just to help people out bcoz i absolutely HATE fakes! and want to do as much as i can to make sure no one gets fooled! There's nothing worse than carrying a fake and thinking its the real deal!
  12. that gets a definite "yes" vote from me. it'd be really good to see a side-by-side comparison of all the differences between a fake & real gaucho. :yes:
  13. AWSOME... here are the pictures... remember... the DENIM is the AUTHENTIC and the WHITE IS THE FAKE.

    first pictures are of the medallion, note the authentic medallion has so much detail and character... take note of the facial expression, there is an obvious grin, look at the jawline and ears, even teeth, hairline. compared to the obvious fake white bag where the face looks almost like his asleep or tired, ears look funny. the whole thing looks wrong.

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