~*~*~*~ Authentication Tips ~*~*~*~

  1. I havent seen a thread giving any tips so im really sorry if there is already one out there.

    Can someone please give me some guidance on how to authenitcate Baquettes as im hoping to make a purchase!!

    Thanks so much! :flowers:
  2. Nope there isn't one. I know Gucci has a couple of threads about authentification and IMO I don't like them. I feel like threads like this just give replica manufacturers 'guidelines'. IMO the best way is to go through the --- Authenticate This Fendi --- thread and as long as it is, you will definitely learn something along the way.
  3. Thats a good point, i hadnt thought of that. Would anyone be able to PM me some tips on what to look for when autenticating a Baquette? I promise that im not going to run off to China and mass produce really good replicas! LOL!
  4. ^LOL.... I would but I have no clue!
  5. Oh I wish there was one! My camera takes horrible pics so I can never authenticate. I had purchased my chanel bag and was able to authenticate it myself with all their tips. It made it so much easier. I guess in the meantime I'll just have to keep trying with the camera!
  6. J - Usually we look for the same things on a Baguette that we do on other Fendi Handbags, the hologram tag, serial number strip, authenticity card, leather, etc. But Lit and I have limited expertise on older pieces, so we do our best, but are less sure footed about them. There are so many factors to consider and some very good fakes out there, it would really difficult to put together a guide that would cover every possible senario.
  7. I agree with the sentiment that putting together a comprehensive list of what we look for is a bad idea--I have thought about it often, and it would make my life easier to lay it all out once and for all, but it's clear to me that the fakers DO watch this site, and I don't want to make their lives easier.
  8. Well thanks for your help girls, i do agree that if its helpful for us, its helpful for naughty counterfeiters but i have managed to authenticate my Chanel, Balenciaga's & LV's from the tips located within this board of knowledge and it has been super dooper helpful!;)