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  1. Dear ladies (and gentlemen?) :cool:

    Any of you have an experience of using authentication sites like (, to ensure, that your Chanel - or any other designer bag - is authentic?

    After a reference from one of the authenticators here, on one of the threads:

    I contacted authenticate4U a week ago, and paid for an e-mail evaluation. I haven't got an answer yet. The site promises they would answer within 24-48 hours, so I'm starting to get worried.

    Is this site still active? or how was your experience with using this site?

    Thank you in advance :smile:

    - Aviaja
  2. Hi, there is a thread on authenticate4u here:

    I also moved your thread to the ebay_forum for more replies.
  3. Thanks Elliespurse :smile: I appreciate it. Of course now that I have made a fuss about it here on purseforum, they answered.. So I think I'm gonna remove the thread.

    ~ Aviaja ~
  4. I sent an inquiry to them as to whether they still authenticated Cartier jewelry on 2/17 and never heard back. What's strange is that as soon as I sent my email, I did get the auto-reply stating that my message was received and that I'd be hearing back shortly. :confused1:
  5. You can't remove a thread can you? :rolleyes: I am still learning to use the forum...
  6. No, you can't have them removed, but you can PM a Mod and ask them to close the thread.


  7. Hi,
    This site is EXCELLENT for Chanel:
  8. i'm glad they got back to you and even though you heard I will still give my opinion ^_^. I use them a few times now and they are excellent. they have always kept very good contact with me. one time i didnt hear back a bunch of days so I just sent a little reminder email that i need this authenticated, paid etc and got a nice personal reply i think from the owner the next day and the evaluation mail. so im sure they are busy but if anything, just send a small but polite email asking whats up - i dont think it would hurt xD either way grats on your chanel :flowers:
  9. Yes, that's exactly what I did - wrote them a friendly reminder. And I agree! Once they answered, they provided great service.
    Side note: the bags were authentic :yahoo:
  10. That's odd.. But as GayleLV wrote, they must be swamped. When I wrote them a reminder, they answered pretty quickly. Maybe you should do it as well? :smile:
  11. Thanks for the info missbannff :tup:

    I'll remember that.
  12. You can try *****************. I used them recently and they're OK. It took them 5 days instead of 24-48 hrs but I wasn't in rush :smile: Good thing - you can chat with them and ask some questions before you decide if you want to use them or not.
  13. I don't think they're recognized by eBay/PayPal, though.

    I love A4U. I always use them now unless I have something from a brand they don't authenticate.

    For Chanel I would consider etinceler , though just because they're recognized as the foremost experts for that brand.

  14. Not to disparage your opinion, but I can't recommend this site :sad: