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  1. Excuse my naivety, but I know there is an online service that will authenticate products for you, and provide a certificate declaring that they believe it is authentic….
    I cannot for the life of me remember their name. Does anyone know who I am thinking about?
  2. R u talking about
  3. Yes I am!!! Thankyou.... you girls are so wonderful!
  4. i foudn them to be generally unhelpful, over the course of a month i had to keep emailing them requesting an answer! finally i just got a "looks ok" (but i already knew it after doing my own research).

    i suggest just asking the girls in the authenticity thread yourself, in particular smoothprtr and michele
  5. My experience with mypoupette was horrible...This goes back several years ago when I was selling an authentic LV bag that I had purchased from the LV boutique. I had never heard of her but she found me.

    To make a long story short, mypoupette claimed to be an expert, but in reality did not know that much. Somehow she got my email address from eBay, and had all kinds of people emailing me telling me my bag was fake, then threatening me, etc. She made me so crazy that for a few minutes I was convinced that the LV boutique had actually sold me a fake. :wtf: It turns out that when they first made this particular bag that I was selling, there was a seam on the bottom of the bag, but in subsequent bags of the same model, they used one continuous piece of canvas. Thus, the LV's were right side up on both sides of the bag in the first models, but later on, were upside down on one side of the bag. Mypoupette had no idea, never researched it, and basically attacked my auction and me. Not very professional!
  6. oh no! Don't waste your time or money!!! The girls here are SO SO helpful and tell you exactly what looks good or bad about the purse you are looking at!
  7. I agree with the opinions about mypoupette being unhelpful and vague. They charge at least $10 for an online authentication and once you give them your money the usual response is "looks OK" or "looks like a fake". LOOKS like a fake? For a paid service, I expect an answer that is more concrete, certain and explanatory! The girls in the
    thread are amazing and authenticate for FREE! Just be sure to be patient and don't forget to thank them for their help if you post there! They are godsends for sharing their expertise!
  8. The OP needs a written authentication. MyPoupette and Carol Ives are the only people that give written authentications that are accepted by eBay and/or PayPal. I don't know if Carol authenticates Chanel. But I would trust her over anyone at MyPoupette. Her website is
  9. Hello, I'm new to this website and don't where to post about my questions. Anyway, my co-worker brought this Chanel bag to me yesterday, asking if I'm interested of purchasing the bag. She told me that her son inlaw found the bag at the storage unit. There is a price tag of $3700 that purchased in the US. Two CC logo inside the bag number 21643331 it's black bag chevron I believe with a silver hardware. My question is if this bag is authentic?
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  11. Hi,
    Welcome to tPF! All authenticity questions are required to be in our Authenticate This Chanel thread we're provided.
  12. hi girls, how about is it a good use of money?