Authentication question

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  1. Hi there - I'm new and have spent so much time reading this site in the past few days I think my DH (that's hubby, right? I asked that in another post and noone ever told me) believes I'm having an internet affair.:rolleyes: Well, I am, but it's with the metallic Paddingtons! TPF is awesome and I feel like a dork asking this, but when you post a link to an auction, is there any unwritten rule that others respect your "first dibs" on the item, or is it then up for grabs to anyone that sees it due to your inquiry? Either way is fine; I just want to know the guidelines so I don't commit a PF faux pas.:cutesy:
  2. Hi! Welcome to the PF. You will get more replies in another sub-forum. You could post it in the Chloe board and ask there or on the ebay forum here. I'll tell you what I've kind of figured out and it won't help you much. Some members will say that it's an auction and anything goes; others will say they wouldn't bid on an item that they know a member is also bidding on. So apparently it's up to the individual. You can ask and possibly will get a firmer answer than mine, but I've read both sides. I personally wouldn't bid if I knew you wanted it. Good luck and welcome.
  3. Actyually, I'll move this for you as we don't allow duplicate posts ;)

    There's no unwritten rule as far as I know.
    I think most people can assume if you post an eBay auction you giving it VERY vast exposure:yes: and it'll likely get bid up because of it:yes:
  4. Swanky and Boxer : Thanks for the help. :flowers:I'm still figuring out where everything goes in this awesome website! Everyone is so helpful, though...I'm really glad I stumbled across tPF. The more people to enable my shopping habit, the better!!:yahoo: