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Can a moderator please authenticate this vintage nylon vela PRADA?

  1. Real

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  2. Fake

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  1. I purchased this on depop and paid $350 but I am worried that it is not real. I brought it into The Real Real and ReBag and both denied re-selling because they could not authenticate it. There is no number tag on the inside, the Rs look different and some parts of the zipper teeth are blue.

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  2. gorgeous vintage basic prada Luv it! Your pics are a little blurry but it looks fine to me, just like a few I have from early 2000’s. logo font looks good & R’s both have space & downward slant on both inside & outside hardware & you have a Lampo branded zipper, 3 of my bags have Lampo & 2 OPTI. I wouldn’t be concerned it looks great to me & super cute but you may still wish to wait for moderator feedback- Good find just had to compliment it!
  3. Closing as we don't allow individual threads for authenticating. Also a reminder that only APPROVED members may offer authenticity advice on tPF.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.