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  1. I recently purchased a 8 series Chanel Black Caviar Small Classic Double Flap Bag 24k GHW - Black - and wanted to have it authenticated. Viewing videos online, it seems that weight and feel play a role. So I’m wondering if email/picture authentication suffices or if it’s better to select an in-house option. Also, I’ve come across “Etinceler” and “******************.” Are there others that are more reputable or highly regarded than these, that should be considered? Thanks in advance for any feedback and guidance!
  2. I've always gone with the in-house options for Chanel bags because I'm scared of super fakes. I use ****************** because they have a guarantee that if they're wrong, they will pay for the cost of the bag. They are the only service I've used so I can't really compare it to the other options out there. I hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the feedback!
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