Authentication of Neverfull MM Daimer Azur Ballerina Rose

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Jan 18, 2019
Well this is a rather odd story, but long story short:

1. Wanted to buy a gift for my long time high school sweetheart(12 years)
2. Broke college student
3. Researched as much as I can (read all the articles, watched the youtube videos etc)

So I found a guy whom is able to get some LV bags from time to time via a boutique in NY. I asked how it was done he said before they go to get destroyed since he knows the owner he gets a really good deal on them and resales it. Everything on the ad looks great and I can save about 50% off the actual product itself which is nice. 600 vs 1300 is a no brainer.

With that being said I know there are some SUPER fakes out there or a1 or 1:1 reps, now I don't mind buying the rep if that is the case but I am not willing to pay 600 for a rep. 200-300 tops. But the guy assures me that it is indeed 100% authentic. I have reviewed the photos on the ad and have him sent me photos via text everything looks spot on:

1. Stitching is impeccable
2. Heat stamp is right, where the R is above and in the correct font. Same with the L with short tail perfect O and slightly longer V
3. Five stitches on the bulb
4. And the glaze is spot on. (seen some of the reps and actually now someone with a fake Neverfull and inspected the glaze which was a dead give away that it was fake since hers was orange)
5. The date code is actually where it is supposed to be (Date code: AR1158) Basically France, 15th Week of 2018.
6. Heat stamp shows made in France though, so I am not sure where these bags are assembled but most of the never fulls in 2018 i saw online had a made in USA with imported materials. And the date code was in the correct spot, right side behind inside pocket
7. Pochette had the correct matching date code as well inside
8. Zippers were smooth and buttery.
9. Double stitching where there should be, such as the bulb double stitching on the where the top v connects on either side, and double stitching x 2 at the point on the bottom.
10. LV logo is 5 tiles from the top and 10 tiles both left and right from the center one they appear again. Center bottom LV logo, and side seams looked exactly like the auths I saw online.

I reached out to the seller and asked to see it in person. And again the bag in person felt great, the leather was soft the stitching was great. Glaze looked perfect like a dark deep red (like dried blood). Stitching i couldn't find anything wrong. Though on the Vachetta at the top rim of the purse I couldn't find the cut seam (was told that there were 2 cut seams on all neverfulls), I only found one right behind the handle. The opposite side didn't have one but when i inspected the cut seam the vachetta you can tell was made of really good material because if you didn't look at it closely enough you would have missed it. I only found it because i inspected it in broad daylight.

Sorry for the long thread and now BEHOLD the pictures!
The goods:


Side Seam:

Bottom of bag:

Inside Pouch:

Date code behind inside pouch on the right hand side: AR1158

Heat stamp:

Here are the final pics sent via text:

Date code from the pochette (matches date code in the bag)

Close up heat stamp:

Side seam:

Closeup of Logo:


Inside bulb stitch:

Inside purse date code:


Heat stamp:


Thanks for looking and helping me out! Like I said im no expert and learned a lot about these purses in the past week. But another eye couldn't help. The last resort I had was asking the seller to meet me at an LV store locally and have them authenticate it, but I really didn't want to go down that road.

Thank you again!


Jan 18, 2019
That was the only thing that had me stumped was the receipt not that he actually had one. Because of the way it was printed.

I deal with pos printers a lot. And the thing for me is thst if I see a receipt that has multiple different fonts I always assume that it’s a fake made at home receipt. Most pos thermal printers are the same size width wise. And that the text is handled but whatever opos software that we setup and how it is programmed to display. Now anyone can buy one ans start inputting their own text in short making their own receipts.

With that’s being said the receipt showed everything properly but the url or Louis Vuitton. Com was written in a weird font like times new Roman. For the most luxurious brand in the world I highly doubt they would use programmers thst will add Microsoft default fonts to the receipt

The paper cream paper lv that he had had 3 line water mark going down it. Looked like a linen paper but not white it was gold/creame colored. But those can be fakes .. and I though that lv did a4 only with a half fold not three fold 8.5x11 but I couldn’t use thst to base my decision since different stores uses different papers

Thanks for the prompt reply!
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