Authentication of an LV

  1. :wavey: How sad my first post in this brilliant forum is about such a crappy topic.

    I bought an LV off eBay which I am almost absolutely certain is a fake. It was also in pretty bad condition - they mentioned the clasp was mildly damanged but nothing about the inkstains inside the bag.

    So I filed a claim with eBay, who referred me onto paypal. The seller's response was "I'm sorry you're upset, but I don't refund". :wtf: Nothing about the 'not as described', though. So I escalated to a dispute.

    1 month later, Paypal contacts me saying I need proof that it's not authentic. Problem is that I'm from a small city in Australia - no LV retailers here! Even our 'high end' stores only go as far as Spencer & Rutherford or Olga Berg. Certainly no dealers of anything better. I contacted a friend in Sydney, who phoned the LV store there - and they will do it verbally but won't put anything in writing.

    So where else can you go for authentication (or rather, proof that it's fake?)
  2. It's pretty well known that LV doesn't put authentication in writing, so if you ever see the whole "will refund with written proof" in the future, it's a good idea to avoid the auction all together. and
    will both provide written authentication. HOWEVER, I know someone that had something counterfeit (jeans) verified in writing based on photographs, and Paypal dismissed the letter on the basis that the letter could only be written by someone who would authenticate the item in person.
    So you would have to MAIL the bag in to either place for the letter to be valid with it written that either place actually SAW the bag in person.

    Are you absolutely certain it's fake?
    You can post pictures in the Authenticate Thread in the LV forum for certain.
  3. Oh, the seller doesn't want to give me a refund no matter what - it's Paypal that's asking for the proof.

    I am absolutely certain it's a fake - a good friend of mine is a LV addict and she said it's quite obvious from the material.

    Even if I posted the bag today with the top level of (insanely priced) postage, it probably wouldn't get there in time. I was given 10 days yesterday.

    I am definitely done with Paypal after this. Complete nightmare from start to finish. It just really gets my goat that this fraudster is allowed to get away with it!
  4. Naima,
    You can try asking Paypal for an extension. Explain your situation, and the adjuster may understand.
    As for obtaining the letter of authenticity. I think it will cost you $35 for the authenication plus shipping (both ways, postage, insurance, and signature confirmation). The cost can really add up.
  5. You mentioned that you paid with paypal, but did you use your credit card? You can always contact your credit card company or bank and they may be of more assistance and issue a charge back.
  6. Unfortunately I paid with funded paypal - I had money in there already.

    I have written back to Paypal asking what sort of proof they will accept - ie caroldiva or mypoupette, or if they are aware of anywhere in Australia that performs this service.

    Thank you all for your help!
  7. PayPal really asks for proof of counterfeit?
    I've filed claims a few times in the last several years, and normally they just refund it, and if the sellers don't have the funds in the bank then I don't get the $...
  8. Can you send photos to mypoupette or caroldiva and then forward the email to paypal from them saying it's fake? That will save you from having to mail the bag back and forth.
  9. You can send photos to mypouppette and wait for their reply. I think you need to pay $50 for authentication and for the paper works.