authentication numbers correspond to styles?

  1. i just recently became interested in chanel so i'm still a n00b, bear with me.

    do the auth. numbers correspond to the different styles? if they do... does anyone know what an auth. number for a cambon tote should be? my friend purchased one that begins with a "3," and i swore i read that after the 90's all the auth. numbers begin with 7 or 8.
  2. No, it responds to the year. If your friend purchased a Cambon with a authentication number of 3, I hate to say, but probably fake. Cambons should have a number that starts with a 9 or 10.
  3. Hi Michele, since u are one of our experts, I have a question for you. How can you tell what year a bag is from by the serial number? I guess what part of the serial number identifies what year the bag is from?
  4. There's some info about age of the bag in this thread I think.

    ETA: I didn't see it in that thread but I have Michele's response saved on my computer. Here are two different posts, I think pretty much same information.

  5. Oh wow - thanks so much for the info Smooth. I really appreciate your expertise!
    I previously had tried to do a search on this...
  6. Thanks, but that's Michele's information - I'm just a recipient of it and intrigued enough to save it.;)
  7. ^^^^^

    Thanks for saving!!! Came in handy
  8. ^Thanks to you both for sharing this helpful information!