Authentication News

  1. This is more of an FYI. There are two threads that were started some time ago. One was by robynbenz on how to spot a fake Riki/Ramona. The second was started by jmcadon on fake Maddy/Mahalas. Our moderator made them into stickies so we don't have to search for them. These two threads contain some very valuable info and pics on how to differentiate fakes from the real thing. A great read, these threads answer so many of the recurring questions.

    However, these two threads are not for asking if a bag is authentic. Please post all questions pertaining to specific bags in the Authentication thread.

    The forum just keeps getting better! Isn't this Choo forum great! So many friendly and funny gals sharing their Choo obssession.

    :choochoo: :tpfrox: :choochoo:
  2. Thanks for doing this Jburgh

    You ROCK:party:
  3. Thanks :woohoo:Jburgh for making it all easier for us to find info! I rarely get to actually chat with my schedule of work & school full-time but everytime I check-in to see what new goodies you ladies have, you seem to amaze me! Maybe next thread can be a "how to post pics for dummies" for me so I can add mine, joking aside, thanks :flowers:!
  4. And then the thread after that can be "how to make pooping ponies sing Patty Duke theme songs"! ;)
  5. Wow,:shocked: I learned so much from those two threads in one shot! Amazing!
    Thanks Robyn for the effort. This answered my :sos:
    Jburgh - :goodpost:thanks for the reminder.
  6. Thanks to the mods and to you jburgh! :tup: