authentication letter/my poupette

  1. so paypal finally asked for a letter saying the bag i bought via eBay is fake, so i immediately bought the rush statement of authenticity at mypoupette, this was on july 31. when i submitted, it said they would contact me within 48 hours and i still haven't heard back. i'm really worried they won't get to it in time, and i'll be out a lot of $$$. i need it by august 8. has anyone else done the mypoupette letter, do they email you quickly? is there anywhere else i could get the letter from?
  2. I have heard that mypoupette can be rather slow to respond. Have you already paid? You could always email and ask if your request has been received...otherwise, try
  3. yep, paid right after i filled out the form. i'm looking at caroldiva, but it appears it's only for LV.
  4. I figured...I only used them once and I could not remember how the process went. Anyway, I would just send a reminder email, a nice one asking if they got your pictures etc...and if it gets really close, try Carol. I have heard that she is very fast. Good luck!
  5. I've never used my poupette or carol diva, but just from reading the boards, I think quite a few boardies have mentioned that my poupette has been quite slow lately. But if you have to go through carol diva, you should definitely send my poupette and e-mail asking for a refund.
  6. ^^I agree. I've heard better reviews of CarolDiva lately as opposed to My Poupette.
  7. I am little confused and might be asking a silly question, a handbag that you bought on E-Bay wants a authencity letter? So you get the auhtencity letter from my poupette or Carol Diva? Who are my poupette and Carol Diva?
  8. Since most stores won't authenticate bags or give written statements since they can be copied and sent along with fake bags, they are leading authentication sites which, for a small fee, will authenticate your bag and issue a statement determining your item's authenticity which cannot be copied:
  9. Definitely you should contact She is the best. She is efficient, friendly and professional. As far as I've known, if you request a authentication letter, you might need to send the bag to her so she could phisical check it. Usually she does photo reviewing which is cheaper and fast. But if you need a letter from CarolDiva for eBay authentication purpose, there is a possibility she needs to see it in person. You could contact her. Carol will tell what she needs in order for preparing the letter. But do it fast since the deadline is approaching.
  10. Thank you so much for answering my question.
  11. ^You're welcome!
  12. my poupette emailed me today saying the fax was sent out, yay. now i hope paypal sides with me!
  13. I hope Paypal sides with you too, best of luck!
  14. good news, i've pretty much won my claim, all i have to do is send the bag to paypal :biggrin:
  15. That is good news! I am glad that this is all working out for you!