authentication happy story

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  1. I bought a great speedy 30 on ebay and brought it to LV to be authenticated.
    Fortunately, it was real (which is what I had expected). :nuts: What was very interesting was that the manager said that in 6 years, she thinks that mine was the only the 4th ebay purchase that was real.

    It's frightening and maddening how many fakes are out there, and how many people are scammed!!
  2. That's good to hear that you snagged a deal !
  3. I glad it is real and got a good deal.
  4. Yay! Happy for you.
  5. Great to have the piece of mind, so happy it was authenticated for you!
  6. Congrats! Glad it turned out ok!
    Enjoy your speedy.

  7. Congrats! Glad it turned out well for you!
  8. GREAT STORY! Congrats on your purchase!!!
  9. Hehe, mind if I ask which Boutique did you bring it to? :smile:

  10. Glad to hear your happy story..........

    Regarding other people - its also good to hear they're getting the bags authenticated instead of just walking around with what may be a fake.
  11. ooops double post :amazed: Please delete the second one.
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. congrats! So you just walked in and told them you bought it off ebay? Were they somewhat nice about it?
  14. Glad to hear yours is authentic. enjoy!
  15. That's great...hopefully you got a great deal too.