Authentication at LV?

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  1. Does anyone know if you buy and item on *bay, can you go to LV to ask them if it is authentic? Do they frown upon that? What if you want a repair on an item you bough from *bay or fashion*****, will they still honor the repair? Do they require your receipt? I have always wondered this and thought I would ask before I ever buy something preloved.
  2. Not too many people hold on to their receipts, especially when they start out on their collection, I don't believe they require a receipt to repair. However, in regards to authentication, they will not do it, and probably wouldn't be too happy that you walked in with an ebay purchase for that reason...neither will gucci, fendi, or any of the other high end companies.
  3. I don't know about the authentication part of your questions, but I do believe they will do a repair on any authentic LV. I don't think you would need your receipt unless the repair you wanted done was a warranty repair. My understanding is that if you take it in, and it's authentic, they'll do the repair work for you. Hope that helps a little!
  4. Yes, they will repair any authentic LV (that is not beyond repair). I actually brought in a bag with a manufacturers' defect that I bought 2nd hand and they graciously accepted it for a no charge repair.

    Do not mention ebay or the consignor when you talking with the SA about the repair though, that would be just plain tacky.
  5. Thank you DesigningStyle, that is what I mostly wanted to know is if they will ask where I bought an item what one should say.
  6. Thank you everyone, I have no preloved items but considering so just wanted to be better informed. I figured mentioning *bay or any other would not be good:nogood:
  7. One of my friends purchased a Speedy 30 off ebay when i was abroad so I couldnt compare mine to hers. She send me pictures and the canvas seemed weird so I told her it might be a fake... She took it to the LV store and they said: "We cannot authenticate it for you, but here's our Speedy and you can compare it yourself." They were nice to her and the SA pointed out some key parts of the bag such as inside lining (because they are made inside out) and most importantly the feel of the canvas and something else i don't remember. It turned out to be a fake but the SA was very nice. He told her to contact the seller ASAP and that he will love to sell her her first Speedy whenever she comes back. :smile:

    I guess it depends on the SA.
  8. Wow, that was very nice. Right now I am considering an agenda that has been authenticated here, I am just so scared of getting a fake. Thank you.
  9. You could go in and ask them to repair something. If they say no, then you know it's a fake. I think it depends on the SA. When I bought a pre-loved bag, I went in and innocently asked if they can replace the zipper. After looking at it they said yes. Then I proceeded to looking at a bag charm to go with it. I did say that I bought it second hand from a friend.
  10. I think if you have a good relationship with a particular SA, they will do it. I know that my SA will happily do it, but I usually call her before I come in to ask if she has time. The answer is always yes, but I don't like to bring my second hand items unannounced, and I usually always do it during slow days (never weekend), just in case the item IS fake. I don't want a bunch of people staring. LOL.

    Also, I never mention the real place I got it...i usually just say my mother gave it to me as a gift from a consignment store (don't mention any store names, etc.).

    But like I said, I don't do this with anyone or at any store, just my fav SA because we have a good relationship.

    I once walked in a LV store in a nearby city w/ a seller to authenticate a wallet and the SA's turned us down. They rudely told us that they do not authenticate and told us to leave, as we cannot do any second hand talking or buying in the store.

    Hope this helps.
  11. LV boutiques will examine an item and give their opinion; however, they will not put anything in writing regarding authentication. If you buy something off Ebay use the authentication thread here on this forum and you can always use Carol does provide her opinion via examining photos, even auction photos. She will also provide written confirmation that an item is not authentic for an additional minimal fee. As far as repairs, LV will repair any of "their own" (authentic) pieces as long as they can warrant the repairs. In other words, if the item is in bad shape they will not because they would not be able to extend their warranty to such a repair.
  12. If the question came up when you asked to do a repair just say you got it as a gift from a friend or coworker. *IF* it turned out to be fake then atleast you could be like "oh my god! I cant believe someone would do that to me" lol
  13. My SA will look at the few items I purchased 2nd hand as well. If you have a good relationship with your SA, they may do it for you. The few items I bought have been from FP and 1 ebay purchase. I had them authenticated here, but wanted a little reassurance that the item I received was the item from the pictures.
  14. A few weeks ago I sold an keepall 55 to someone, we met in front of the LV store in Amsterdam. My keepall 50 needed repair (got them both from eBay). The buyer wanted to know for sure it was real, so we asked it. A few employees came to check, it seems to me that they like it to analyse if it was real or fake. One of them asked for how much my buyer bought it from me. I think that was a bit weird, but my buyer answered with something like; it is a good deal.
    They were both real, and my keepall 50 got repaired for a really cheap price I think (new zipper, $80). When it returned, it came in a brand new dustbag, lucky for me, because I didn't get that when I bought it.
  15. A few year back I hd bought an LV piece from *bay and needed confirmation of authenticity. I wasn't a memebe of this great forum at the time, so I really didn't know where else to go other than the boutique. The SA was nice enough to look it over, even showed it to the store manager for his opinion, and confirmed it was authentic (she wasn't my regular SA or anything like that). But I do know that they don't really 'like' to do it, especially if you tell them where you got it... better to white-lie and say i was a gift and you just wanted to make sure...