Authenticating tokidoki

  1. Kool! Thanks for posting.
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  4. I wonder how you get it to stay at the top. That would be handy, because it's getting lost.
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    Is there a mod around? Can you sticky this, mod?

    I'm not even sure what that means. You wouldn't think a girl with nearly 400 posts would be so clueless.
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    Took me this long to notice I misspelled a word in my post. Duuuurrr.
  8. In the last 3 days (didn't know about Toki before this!) I have read that blog inside out and upside down!
    Kudos to Lamb... fantastic reference material!!
  9. Hey, it got stuck up here! Thanks whoever fixed that for me!

    And another hooray for lamb!
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  12. Its soo scary that the fakes are getting better and better! They have the zippers and the zipper pulls. Even the bag styles are looking more and more like the original. Thank you so much for all your hard work witht the toki blog!
  13. *wow* thanks for collating the information..very useful :heart:
  14. I admit that I have a fake one (1 only!) but then, I have since wisen up and got myself a nifty real one ;)