Authenticating Tods Bag

  1. I bought this Tods bag on eBay 2 weeks ago and posted in the eBay thread that I was concerned about authenticity because I failed to research the seller properly before buying. (Reviews are mixed on tPF about the seller - angtao).

    I finally received the bag and it smells of mothballs. The black "leather" does not appear real to me but I have never seen a Tods bag in person. My fingernail leaves no markings on the bag when I attempt to scratch it (on an inconspicuous spot). To me, this seems odd for real leather.

    The zippers are marked with the trademark Tods T artwork and the inside is stamped "Made in Italy" and "Genuine Leather" with a number. It came with a Tods card and the strap was in a little folded paper box.

    I was going to post a link to the auction but the pictures are no longer on eBay - what's up with that?

    I'm working on pictures now.
  2. Testing:

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  3. Here we go:
  4. Bumping since I posted this so late last night - TIA!
  5. It looks pretty good but I'm not an expert. Maybe you should run a thread search, find some of the threads discussing Tods and PM some of the posters?

    Good luck!
  6. I'd be interested to know what you find out as I have the same dilemma; however, while you bag appears real to me - I'm certain mine is not. There are no Tod's zipper pulls and the zippers are nylon as opposed to metal. Mine is NOT stampled "made in Italy" or "genuine leather". I believe yours is. The Tod's logo is stamped so poorly that it appears to fade entirely at around the edges and, worst of all, the bag is PVC. Now apparently the burden of proof is on me so I'm attempting to find a way to have the bag professionally authenticated.
  7. I have a few tod's bags that I purchased from NM so I know they are real. The zipper pulls have the signature "T" on them. Also, my bags are not stamped. They have an extra leather "plate" with the T logo that says "made in italy".

    Sorry I can't help more. I've never seen bags stamped like yours. That is not to say it is a fake. I know that Tod's is all over the place with their markings.

    I also have never received "cards" with my Tod's bags. Anyone else?
  8. I do have a couple of Tods bags (not this particular bag); the 'made in Italy' and 'genuine leather' with a number do appear on mine. This looks like one of the older totes with the glossy calfskin leather, it is supposed to be very durable :confused1: I have a new Tods D bag with the grainier leather, and it is very tough too, if you scrape it with a fingernail nothing happens, they are much sturdier than something like lambskin. Hopefully someone will post who has this same style bag and can compare, nothing really seems to scream 'problem' for me from your photo. (Smell may just be the closet it was stored in, check out the Lovin' My Bags website, they sell little handbag 'candies' to deal with odor issues.)
  9. Hi Ms Twilly,

    I don't have this model, but a Media D so the leather on mine is very different, its mottled & natural looking,not smooth & polished like yours. I have however compared my markings, the type sets, the positioning etc of the stamps & I'd have to say I think yours is real. I also got a little care card with my bag & I bought it directly from Tods, in New York so I can say 10000% that I know my one is real. The stitching is very good & equally placed on your bag.
    on the intereior of my D, the sort of bottom plaque piece, I have the studs showing on this, but you may not have them on your model so you might want to check with someone else about that.

    Downtown Atlanta, I'm really sorry hunny, but it really does sound liek you have a fake. can oyu post pictures?
  10. I agree that this may in fact be authentic. Did the seller represent it as new or used? Tod's did produce this bag in smooth leather and the inside does look like older Tod's I own (purchased at Tods)...I was never thrilled with the quality of some of the earlier Tod's but love the pebble grain leather which is more durable. I think you are okay...
  11. ok, so i have one Tod's bag that my mother gave me (god bless her soul sometimes lol)

    it's a tote, a different shape than that tho, when i get a freakin camera i could help ppl more i'm sure, but the leather is a different line. mine is a thick, pepple grain in a chestnut color. i don't have the store tags because my mother got this bag a while ago, years now. i KNOW it's real.

    the bag is extremely EXTREMELY well made, you can feel the quality! the leather scratches when in run my nail over it. there is an oval, raised, stamped leather Tod's Emblem on the front of the bag. the leather is not stiff. it is comfortable and soft. the lining in the bag is black fabric. the zippers are chestnut leather tab on the inside. the bag stands on it's own, and has 4 small round metal feet. the bag is made in china.

    ew does that mean MINE is fake? *plots mothers demise...* do they make tod's fakes? the bag is definately older than 5 years, does that make a difference?

    i'm sure things could have changed since my mother got the bag, the only thing that makes me think is the made in china thing? lol now i dont' know what to think lol

    i hope this helps!
  12. ya know... lol, i don't think they'd stick a tag in there that says "made in china" if they were tryin to rip a tod's bag off, that'd be dumb. i vote mines real! my mom i think got it from a department store or something. she's the type of woman to never shop anywhere but a reputable store!