authenticating LV

  1. hello! ok i just bought my first LV (damier belem pm) on ebay. yippee!

    does anyone have any experience authenticating LVs at an LV store? do i have to bring anything else with me in addition to the bag? do i just walk in and say "hi could you please authenticate my bag for me?"

    i am so so so excited now i can't control myself. :nuts:
  2. You can post some pics here.. Alot of us here can prob tell you yay or nay! Maybe the ebay link?
    If not, yes.. just bring the bag in and ask a manager to help you authenticate. Some people prefer saying it was a gift rather than telling them you bought it from Ebay.
  3. Ooh I don't know much abt the Damier line(I'm a mono girl).. hopefully some of the other gals will so... bumping this thread so they can help out...
    The pic w/ the font is kinda blurry!
  4. thanks kaluamilk! i will be going to LV at the end of the month so i will bring it with me. i will make sure i take pictures and post it here too as it's my first!
  5. Most SAs will tell you its fake without even looking at the bag if you say it's from ebay.
  6. Has anyone here ever had their bag authenticated by Are they considered a legit authenticating service?
  7. Yes...legit serivce for sure. That bag is toooooo cute! I hope it all works out for you and it authentic! Looked like a good ebayer sellar to me. I love my lv's but not so sure about the damier.
  8. thanks yellow_gummybear! *taking notes*

    sunshine: thanks! i hope it works out for me too... =)
  9. I recently authenticated my Cerises Cles at an LV store, the SAs were more than helpful and happy for me that it was genuine ! I told them it was from eBay and they told me how lucky I was as they wished they bought one themselves back when it was available.