authenticating Kate Spade

  1. Everything seems to check out. Do use that website stated above ^^ - it will help you greatly with it.
  2. Awww....that looks a little like my puppy!:smile: Not sure about the carrier. I have never seen a KS carrier IRL.
  3. it looks authentic to me... i have a kate apade with the same handle. that leather piece along the handle looks the same too. if you look on the gold pieces on the zippers... you can see the kate spade "four square" signature.
    i am almost positive it is authentic
  4. It looks good to me, the tag looks legit - the zipper looks normal, and the polka dots are current...My guess is it is a good deal, check out her website and see if it is still there and you can compare for yourself -not sure when this came out, but I would have to say pretty recent.
  5. guess is she lives near a Kate Spade outlet - all the other items she has for sale seem legit...I actually saw I purse I might bid on, and I am not into KS anymore - but I still would buy her stuff anyday, I have many KS items...Although now I am pretty much into LV.
  6. Authentic. I just sold my huge Kate Spade collection and I am very good at spotting fakes. The seller is one of the best KS sellers on ebay.
  7. it looks authentic to me.......