authenticating ed hardy by Christian Audigier hat

  1. this is a question that i'm asking for my brother. he recently purchased a "supposedly authentic" ed hardy by christian audigier. the seller claimed that it was authentic. originally on sale from $70. he bought it in a bid for 32 (including shipping). now, basically i was wondering how you authenticate the hat. the tag says "ed hardy by CHRISTAN Audigier" not Christian Audigier. is this an indication that it's not authentic?

    basically is there any way that one can tell if the hate is authentic? is there a site with pictures to help out in this?

    thanks for all your help.
  2. I work at a store where we sell authentic Christian Audiger items(my boss is buddys with Christian) tommorow @ work il check the hats,and see if it is authentic. To be honest it sounds fake, these hats are being sold 150+. I doubt someone would sell their ED HARDY hat for cheap (Even though ED HARDY is out & his signature line "Christian Audiger" is in style. Im PM you tomm =]