Authenticating clothing?


May 27, 2007

I purchased an MJ coat off ebay. Should have known it was not authentic as a lot MJ,
BCBG etc from China are not. However, I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt. Well, I am almost positive that it is not authentic. Filed a claim with paypal and this is what they said:

Please provide documentation to confirm that the item you purchased is not
authentic. This documentation should be from an unbiased third party, such
as an appraiser or dealer. The third party should be someone who is
qualified to appraise the item you received.

The information should be on letterhead that includes the name, address,
and phone number of the appraiser so that we may contact them if we require
additional information. We are unable to reimburse you for any cost
associated with obtaining this documentation.

Soo, where am I supposed to have this authenticated? Everyplace I know is for handbags, not really clothing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!