Authenticating by SA's

  1. I was approached by an individual to purchase a Birkin that was given as a "gift." I decided to take a looksie but wanted to meet the seller at the Hermes store so we could get it authenticated. When I contacted my SA, she told me they absolutely DO NOT authenticate bags at the store b/c there are so many good fakes floating around. She said that there are actually instances when they accept bags for repair only to find out from their repairmen that they are not authentic.

    I have seen so many postings from Hermes Internet Buying Guides that it's a good idea to get them authenticated at the I don't even have the option of doing that! I guess my only option for getting a bag at this point is to go to Hermes and get on the wish list...any thoughts?!!
  2. The only way to truly know that you are getting an authentic bag is to purchase it directly from Hermes. Good to know that the SA's won't authenticate bags...
  3. ABL the SAs haven't authenticated bags for a very long time. Best to buy directly from the store, especially since you already have an SA. Good luck.
  4. Handybags is right. SAs havent authenticated for a long time, ever since eBay became popular
  5. Just goes to show how much mis-information there is on the internet. eBay Hermes guides should just say:"Please refer to The Purse Forum." :smile:
  6. I am amazed that some sellers would even say that you can have it authenticated at Hermes! They obviously have never shopped there!
    Be patient, it's worth the wait, get the real thing at a Hermes boutique.
  7. The other thing is, not all SAs are created equal. Some in theory *could* authenticate, and some really would not have the knowledge base. I went to the preview of an auction (a well-known house) several years ago to see some H bags--apparently H SAs had "authenticated" the bags, but somehow managed to mis-identify croc as alligator. I mentioned it to the auction house and they corrected it for the actual auction. And as many of you know, it is not that hard to tell the difference based on the markings.
  8. well I guess then the only way to know if your non-boutique purchase is truly an H is to bring it in for the Spa service? If anyone, the craftsmen would be able to distinguish a fake from the real thing.
  9. mpa_555- I agree with your conclusion. But at that's too late if you dropped a couple of grand on eBay! Y'all are right-much better to wait and get the real deal at the boutique. Off I go tomorrow!
  10. ABL - stay away from those "individuals". The 'gift' story is so old and lame, followed by the 'inherited from my grandmother/aunt/mother/sister'. Someone's obviously trying to trick you.
    Good luck with getting your dream bag directly from the store! If ever you are interested again in purchasing a bag not directly from the store, you can try our 'authenticate this' thread (in the 'shopping' section of the H subforum) and we can give our opinions.
  11. direct from H really is the safest. if you have a really good relationship with ur SA...then they might be willing to give you some opinions. in no way though will they put anything in writing