Authenticating at Chanel Store

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  1. Has anyone ever taken a bag to the Chanel store to be authenticated? How exactly do you do this? Do you see a sales person or someone else? Do they charge for this?

    Thanks! :idea:
  2. I've never done that, but I've heard they do not. Mainly because there are so many fakes out there. They would be authenticating non stop.
  3. It's against company policy for bags to be authenticated, but if you have a friendly relationship with an SA sometimes they may help. Also, I have heard that sometimes, some SA's may give it a quick look over, and state an opinion.
  4. Well, I need to have a bag cleaned, so if I take it in to have it cleaned will they then say if it's real or not? Do they make sure all the bags they clean are authentic?
  5. Yes, if the bag is not authentic, they will not clean it.
  6. Ok, awesome! Problem solved! I'll take it in for a cleaning and if it gets rejected, I'll have my answer! :lol:
  7. In Sydney Australia, only the manager or assistant manager is able to authenticate a bag, and ONLY if you have a Chanel receipt. I've had this done about three months ago.

    Anita and Nicki from the US 1800-number say they certainly do authentications, but only if the bag was purchased from a Chanel boutique, and again, only if you have the original receipt (not a fax, nor a photocopy). this was from october 2006 so i don't know if company policy has changed since then.

    hope that helps!
  8. Just be prepared to lose the bag if it is fake and you send it to be cleaned. They confiscate fake bags. I got this info from an SA, so I'm fairly sure it's accurate.