Authenticating a Birkin

  1. Ladies,
    I’m new to this forum and I have to say that you are all amazing. I have a nice bag collection, but I’m still missing the bag of my dreams… Birkin.
    I live in DC and the list in the stores around here is 2-3 years long. I was wondering if H stores authenticate purses, I’m considering getting a purse online, but I would want to fly to pick it up and get it authenticated before I pay for it. Is that possible? :shrugs:

    Thank you!!!!!!!:love:
  2. Welcome to the orange side. No is the answer. The only "unofficial way to get this done is to send the bag in question in for refurbishment. And if it's not authentic, you will get turned away. And that's how you know the bag is a fake.

    Why don't you have a look at the list of eBay sellers that are recommended in the Hermes Shopping sub forum? Alternatively, when you find something that you like, post the link in the Hermes authentication thread. The experts there can sort you out.
  3. Very helpful….thank you!!!