Authenticating a bag

  1. I want to authenticate my red small multipocket- is it best to take it to a MJ store or a department store? I know several of you told me it's real and I believe you guys, but considering the risk I took by buying it off of EBay to begin with, I'm still not satisfied :s. Ugh, I won't be buying off EBay anymore, that's for sure. It's too nervewracking.
  2. MJ store -- find a SA or store manager who's very familiar with MJ bags. Honestly, the seller whom you got your Tomato Multipocket from is reputable & trustworthy for authentic designer stuffs.
  3. Ok, then I'll just leave it. I'm 95% convinced, anyway. This is me being obsessive compulsive, LOL.
  4. What is making you not convinced? Don't feel bad, I think your bag is very cute! Actually alot of people who buy from ebay have doubts about authenticity, even when it's pretty certain that they purchased an authentic bag.
  5. Janos, it doesn't hurt to get it authenticated -- peace of mind. =) The price you got for your MP was good since it's new & the color's no longer available. Coco's Closet is in my list of favorite sellers to watch. =) The pictures are no longer there, otherwise, others can check them out for you too.
    eBay: MARC JACOBS MULTIPOCKET RED LEATHER HANDBAG NWT $895 (item 130012811708 end time Aug-11-06 08:48:01 PDT)
  6. I feel bad that you went for that listing since you weren't comfortable with ebay and/or that seller in the first place. If you have a chance, get it checked out at MJ boutique so you will feel better. =)
  7. Thanks for the advice, guys. I'm in the habit of authenticating anything I don't buy from an actual store. I really am pretty convinced, but I've just heard too many EBay horror stories. But I can wait. The way it came so beautifully wrapped and the quality of the dustbag did reassure me.

    Here is the link to the thread I created when I first bought it: