authenticating a bag

  1. I bought 3 Chanel handbags from Australia. 2 of the bags had dysfunctional zippers (they wouldn't close either way you zip), One of the bags does not have an interior tag with a hologram sticker. :confused1: They are telling me I can not get my money back only an exchange! I do not feel these bags are authentic! Anyone heard of a company on the web called fashion unlimited 4 u? They claim to get their bags from legal chanel stores from Italy etc. Would Chanel even sell their handbags with broken zippers, loose threads or uncut threads? And don't they all have interior labels with hologram stickers. I need help on this question. My credit card is telling me, I need to prove these bags are not authentic and I know that Chanel will not authenticate. Any ideas???
  2. I'm sorry to tell you this, but if you bought these bags from that website you quoted, then they are most definitely not authentic. There have been several posts on the question of whether there are "legal" Chanel retailers online.
  3. ^^^ITA, sorry!