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  1. Beware to anyone that uses!!!! I sold a Chanel tote that is a 17 series on eBay. It was purchased last October. The Chanel store still had one in stock. Well the buyer is claiming its a fake!!! They supposedly used this service to authenticate and it said that because it was purchased October 2015 and the serial number starts with 17 it's a fake!!! Now I'm being forced to offer a refund when I don't have the money anymore!!!! Beware!!! Is there ANYTHING I can do here???
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that :sad:. I've never heard of that website. Maybe you should post this in the Ebay subforum where there are many experts who can help you. On what site did you sell the bag?

    Oops, just read that you sold it on Ebay.

  3. Yes I'd love to if I knew how
  4. What kind of bag did you sell? Is it a classic? Do you still have the receipt? I suggest that you have the bag authenticated (I assume you have all the necessary pictures) at They are very reputable. You can also use Enticeler, but for many bags (classic flaps, Reissues, Boys, Wocs, wallets, GSTs) they no longer provide email authentication if those bags have the 15 million series and beyond.
  5. Interestingly, their FB account is not working and they haven't sent out a tweet since 2014. I wonder if they are still in business. I agree with the above poster, go to another authenticator.

    You also need to rule out that the buyer didn't switch the bag on you-is is the same bag you sent? I'm surprised Ebay would go back this far-6 months?
  6. I also thought that Ebay was only 30 days. With Paypal though, buyers have up to 180 days protection :sad:
    I think the buyer filed a claim through Paypal.
  7. The ladies on the Ebay page are very helpful, they'll know what to do.
  8. I'm just curious-does Ebay approve/disapprove of various authentication services or the procedures they use?

  9. It was the 17 series large shopping tote pictured here. I stil have all necessary pictures. I will use the suggested website to authenticate bit eBay ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460031590.817455.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460031602.269348.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460031616.526263.jpg seems to not care so I don't know what good it will do!

  10. I've submitted an authentication request to aunenticate4u and am waiting their response. Either way I will be forced to refund the buyer and pay shipping which was extremely expensive since I provided free shipping in the initial sale. Then I'll have to pay for it to be shipped again when it resells. I cannot believe a website claims to be an authentication site and is THIS misguided about how to authenticate chanel bags!
  11. As I expected, I got official authentication from authenticate4u that the bad is 100% authentic. The problem is eBay doesn't give a darn.
  12. You should be able to escalate the case to someone high enough in Trust and Safety. That person should tell you where and how to submit documentation of the professional authentication.

    You'll need to call and speak to people though. Trying to do it online will probably be fruitless.

  13. Yes I did that and they basically told me it doesn't matter. If the buyer wants to return it then they can return it and I have to issue a refund!!!! Now I get stuck with seller fees of I don't issue a refund PLUS I have to pay for shipping again!!!