Authenticate this Zac Posen please!!!

  1. I wouldn't trust this seller. I looked at her previous sales and I see she has sold multiples of the same bags. Usually when this happens the bags are counterfeit.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I was talking more about the bag itself, not the seller. I don't intend to buy from this seller - but I did buy a very similar bag off of eBay from a difft seller and have my suspicions about it now. Can you or anyone else comment on the actual pictures and how authentic or not they look. Thx!
  3. We'll be able to help you better if you post pics of the bag that you purchased. A link to the auction would help too. Thanks!
  4. I just saw the authentic version of this in green and this one does not look real to me. But I am not an expert in Zac Posen bags -- this one just looks very different from the one I just saw in Saks.