Authenticate this ZAC POSEN Aurora Bag

  1. fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry its fake there are so many fakes floating around now...
  2. [​IMG]fashionoasis48 is a known fake seller. She posted the Zac Posen Abbey over and over. She tries to obscure that fact by not allowing you to link to old listing when you view her feedback but Ive been watching a a few monthes now so I know. For some reason I cant view the photos in this listing so I cant say for sure but probability that its fake is extremely high with her. BTW all the fakes of the aurora I've seen on ioffer are absolutely atrocious the Abbey's I've seen are actually quite good except for shabby execution in some small areas that you would only notice upon close inspection.
  3. Is hanumics on eBay a reputable seller?
  4. Hello, newbie here, so cannot start my own thread until i have posted 5 replies (so apologies for bringing up old threads), but if there is someone out there who can help me authenticate this Zac Posen, it would be greatly appreciated: