Authenticate This! YSL!

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  1. this is the same bag?? it's fake. the HW is wrong.
    contact the seller, ebay and report it. if you need written proof...seach "*patina*" on ebay...she has a link to my p...(something)..sorry i forgot the spelling to write you a authentication to prove this is fake.
  2. Dear libertine, I am so sorry, :tdown:
    I am so afraid of besace, and have 2 myself, including this one. Even looking at your pics at the start I saw all OK until I started noticing the differences:

    look at the bottom YSL stitch of a real pebble besace:

    the bag you have has characteristic YSL stitching of a fake, inner tag on black bag has to be black with black stitching, serial number totally off, crews on metal ovals on the inside of the flap are cross, regular are not

    no wonder it feels different, it does not look like YSL pebble, although I would expect differences, but I feel it is not YSL

    I saw on her posting that dust bag had light YSL, fake again

    ask her for money back ASAP.

    Best regards and good luck, Vesna
  3. Thank you SO SO SO much everyone for all of your help and suport. I have contacted her and will let you all know how it goes.....

    I am so grateful to everyone here for their help. I hope we can all help others not make this same mistake.
  4. hope all will go well. Juneping mentioned professional authentication site where you can get certificate if it comes to PayPal serious dispute:
  5. Thanks again Vesna for your much appreciated opinion. I can't decide if I shld bid for the new bag or ask this other one to relist.... the color is beautiful for both..they're the same color right? I don't mind both shapes.

    HAve a super wkend!!!
  6. Attached are the photos. He said the tags are attached and he got it at bergdorf goodman.

    Thank you so much for your help!!

    Attached Files:

  7. #5799 Dec 4, 2009
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2009
    looks good, serial # is OK, what do you think Juneping ?
  8. serial # looks good too
  9. Could someone please authentic this YSL downtown? It is my first downtown
    Title: New + Gorgeous YSL Downtown Sac in Grey
    Seller: Panna.Cotta
    Ebay item # : 190354227066

    Thank you so much!!!
  10. the HW look right to me. :smile:
  11. i think the HW looks right. i believe it's authentic.
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