Authenticate This! YSL!

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  1. sorry, it ended..anyway I just wanted to let you know that market is FULL of besace fakes. the only way to tell is by the inside tag front and back. She had distant photo of tag...somehow bottom stitches look off, maybe I am wrong, but hmmm....I have two besaces (identical black bubbly and anthracite nubuck, and still am confused when I see it, can not tell, fakes are REALLY good. These are the only YSL bags I bought from boutiques, not ebay, because of fear of fakes. Hope this helps in your future search for besace. Just ask for inner tak front and back, and post it here, we will see then
  2. I do not know about the number, but YSL bags have either Lampo (older) or YSL (newer) at the back of zipper head
  3. looks good to me :tup:, I have the same but tan color, amazing glazed leather...just to be on a safe side, ask the seller for a clear pic of the inner tag - back with serial number, as well as the side where Yves Saint laurent is engraved in leather. It does look authentic.
  4. Thanks Vesna. I asked for the additional pics. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. great price, I payed that much on Overstock, there were two, one for this price, the other for $2000 ???? Could not believe when I got it. I have lots of bad weather here and needed some kind of glaze, not patent, and this is exactly what I wanted...good luck
    I might try but is the 17 in mombassa worth $299, used? What do you think?
  7. Well, if you like the shape, I would say it is, because those older YSL bags are really well made. They never get sold cheaper than that. Suede interior, leather is amazing and better with age. I prefer more rounded shape myself, also waiting for red to come by. Cheers, Vesna
  8. Hi I bought this YSL Besace on ebay and now it has arrived I feel as though it may be fake and the thought is KILLING me!! My main feeling is about the leather as in some parts of the bag it seems almost too soft (around the hardware it seems to wear quite badly) but overall the leather of the bag is not very soft at all not like my Balenciagas or Chanel bags. I work in fashion and so know what an expensive bag looks and feels like but the leather of this bag just does not seem right to me but im not sure if that is the pebbled effect.

    here is the link and i will post digital pictures now. The seller has a return policy so i will try to return if it looks fake to you.... Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  9. I just bought this beige patent easy and was hoping someone could verify that it's authentic. It looks good to me, but i would feel better if someone else agreed.


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  10. continued

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  11.'s fake. the HW is wrong.
  12. the zipper pics are bit too small...but i believe this bag is authentic.
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