Authenticate This! YSL!

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  1. Thanks so much vesna :urock:
  2. oops sorry. didn't realize you answered me.
  3. you are welcome ;)
  4. Thanks Vesna, you're great! I thought too the shape was kind of off and I did ask to confirm sizes and model: she replied she had no idea wether it was a large/oversize or what but confirmed that the measures are 18X13. Anyway...I've always thought that when it doens't feel right and you've gut a weird "gut feeling" you'd better stay out of it...and that's what I'll do. Thanks so much for your great help anyway!!!!
  5. So i'm looking into buying a beige patent easy from someone off craigslist, but i want to make sure i'm buying the real thing.

    Firstly, is the serial number 208314 213317 for all easy bags? also, is there a YSL embossed on the back of the zipper? Because I have a leather downtown bag that doesn't have the embossed YSL of the back of the zipper...not the tab, but the actual zipper. Or did YSL recently start using these types of zippers?

    Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks June! I will search for that forum right away.. didn't know about it =\
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    no, but it looks identical to my tan colored RG, glazed ( it is not patent but glazed leather, it has modest shine). I would like to see the side pic with Yves Saint laurent on the side, zipper head engraved as well as closer look at the back of inner tag. Something feels right about it. Just my two cents on it.
  8. thanks phelsuma, I try to chip in with what I know.

    18X13 is the oversize measure (mine is black oversize, same measures), but still that gut feeling is there :smile:))
  9. both are :tup:

    second ended, sorry, but it has OK shape, there are so many variations of this bag, this one is very wide one 17", not round looking like the first one which is 14" X 11"...(there is also mini - wider and narrower type, make sure you read measures right before you bid, I almost entered a bid for mini, it did not have any reference, so I cold have made grave mistake)

    the first one, I tried bidding on it 3 times, every time we get to max $250, and reserve is still there, I emailed a guy, he said that reserve was $400. Too much for this bag IMO. Maybe he reduced it though. I just gave up on it :biggrin: Good luck
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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