Authenticate This! YSL!

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  1. june is right about hardware needed to see close-ups, but I doubt that they will send you. They are having huge business going. From what I know, BHFO deals with authentic stuff, I bought some amazing bags from them for great deals, you can do a search on tPF to see how trusted they are..cheers, Vesna
  2. hmmmm, I searched tPF using search function, and this site was a source of many discussions. I can not decide if they sell fakes, perhaps not, but the condition of the bags seem to be very different than described. Anyway, the site is banned from posting on tPF.

  3. Thanks, vesna. I've decided not to get it, but I appreciate you answering my query.
  4. thanks! :smile:
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    is there anyone else knowledgeable about YSL around here :wondering:shrugs: where is everyone ? I try to compare to my 10 YSL bag collection, but we need more specialists, who helped me when I was buying mine not so long ago, where is everyone ? :shrugs:

    BTW June, you are doing amazing job :hugs:
  6. ^^oh thanks....i try to help. :smile:
  7. this is a tough one, shape looks off somehow. I have black oversize muse and this one looks slightly off, although hardware looks OK. On the other hand, today fakes use also YSL zipper pulls.

    I would not bid on a bag from the seller with such a low feedback unless she provides clear pics of inner tag front and back with serial number, as well as the back of zipper head (to see if YSL or Lampo is engraved).
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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