Authenticate This! YSL!

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  1. Post all your authenticity questions regarding Yves Saint Laurent here!:yes:
  2. Does this YSL look authentic? If more pics are needed, my friend can provide them. I just have no clue to look for! she rec'd as a gift and says her BF got it at Saks...thanks!







  3. She's an excellent seller, and I've never had a problem with her before.

  4. HI i bought this bag when it first came out at Neiman Marcus. I think you should get more pictures from the seller. One way to tell is to get a picture of the the little metal piece where the drawstring is. That should be engraved YSL. My bag is way darker than that, and the original price was about $1000. I don't recall seeing Yves Saint Laurent embossed on the leather strap and I don't even remember seeing serial numbers, ... but I am going to look at it tonight and give you an answer tomorrow.

    Initially looking at it, it looks legit, but there's something off that I can't really confirm (maybe the size and the light color). I love my YSL flower bag and I wear it all the time, even to this very day. But maybe this is a different version that came out later.

    There's a black YSL flower bag currently on ebay and that one is official.
  5. Thanks so much, D&G - I appreciate your help.:smile: It's such a beautiful bag but I want an authentic one, of course. I'll check out the black one, that might be a better color for me since light colors (on me) tend to be magnets for everything that shouldn't get on a, pens, etc. ugh!
  6. ^^^^ OK, mine has everything in the picture except the embossing of Yves Saint Laurent. I'm almost sure it's authentic. There's an authenticity guarantee anyway. If I were you, i'd get it.. the stitching looks right and everything. I'm figuring that the camera probably just made the bag look lighter. Oh and that bag is made w/ buffalo leather so it's not delicate at all. Good luck, it's a beautiful bag... The black one is nice too, but you will definitely use this beige one. I wear mines with everything.
  7. You are most welcome :flowers:
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