Authenticate this YSL Medium College please!



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  1. Hi, can anyone please help me identify if this YSL bag is real or fake. Unfortunately, these are the only pics I were able to get from seller. She said the serial number is too hard to get a clear pic.
    986CA406-30E7-4E5C-89D9-440203962B16.jpeg B48B1EFE-930F-4DB0-B93C-C1C10E6E2B83.jpeg 4ED5854F-C420-4D8D-997C-D32E38CA8D08.jpeg E0798F1C-9534-4F0A-87D9-8850CD3CE4AC.jpeg C74CC27C-C2B8-4781-B663-7686CE5BEC19.jpeg 5571E291-9A7A-42F4-836C-E8F696A96441.jpeg C2DE03D2-6E08-4B11-B756-B7ED270629B0.jpeg 04ABE53C-007B-40A1-B6B9-48385445C4E3.jpeg