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  1. thanks for telling me. i almost paid 500 dollars for a fake. = (
  2. :wtf: That's awful! I'm glad I caught you in time!
  3. Good job Lori :tup:
  4. OMG.. girls.. Swanky created a great STICKY in HANDBAGS/PURSES for posting links/research to counterfeit sites... can we not do the same HERE and LIST all these fake sites?
    STICKY: Websites known/believed to sell Counterfeits

    So that buyers can research, rather than posting over and over??? Is this possible?
  5. Really great idea Ellie Mae :yahoo:
  6. Ellie Mae,

    Another member did try this several months ago.

    One of the mods didn't think it was a great idea. (We don't want to "advertise" these sites) I tend to agree. I'll see if I can find it.

    Maybe we can all post blogs about them and then put the links in our signatures???

  7. Hey girl.. I saw that thread, and I totally understand WHY it was closed.
    Such a list has to be a Sticky that can only be posted on by certain people. It has to be a CONTROLLED thread.
    Otherwise the liability issue becomes ten-fold and someone who is just a ticked-off-buyer can post that a site sells fakes.
    It can't be a open thread, unfortunately.
    Your blog/sig idea is fine, except that as a sticky so many more people would see it.
  8. Agree Ellie Mae, didn't think about the "sticky".
  9. we actually have people that come here seeking links to counterfeit websites, there's no way we'll provide a go to list for them.

    I'll close this as it's a duplicate.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.