Authenticate this website

  1. Hi girls,
    Has anyone bought bags off this website: ?
    Are they for real? I'm just worried because you get a discount if you direct deposit but I hate direct depositing over the net... has anybody bought off them before? Thanks!
  2. I would never buy from this website. I can't find a return policy anywhere, and the only reason they are giving you a discount is because that way, you cannot get your money back.

    Also get a load of their legal policy:

    Indemnification: The Customer agrees to indemnify Madison Avenue Boutique and its representatives and affiliates and hold it harmless from any lawsuit, demand or claim based directly or indirectly on the authenticity of Products (including individual product i.e. handbag, packaging and labeling) or on any aspect of intellectual property. The Customer shall cover all reasonable expenses incurred by Madison Avenue Boutique and its representatives (including legal and paralegal expenses), if a lawsuit, demand or claim is brought forth against Madison Avenue Boutique.

    So basically, they're not guaranteeing their products and you can't sue them either if you get a fake.

    I'd stay far, far away.
  3. It looks like their site is for real, but I haven't try to buy on their site...

  4. Just checked out the prices on Fendi Spys ... there is NO WAY this site is selling authentic items, sorry ...
  5. i wouldnt trust these kinda websites.. if im buying online it would have to be from eluxury or the actual bag website.. macys etc is fine as well. its not worth saving 100$ and having a fake
  6. Ewww...fake! Those Spy bags are so fake looking, it's not even funny!
  7. If you go to the "about us" page, they clearly admit that the products they sell are fakes!
    About Our Products"My purse world is dedicated to providing the best and newest designer handbags at a fraction of the cost. We start by purchasing original designer handbags, and shipping them to our factories in China . We then inspect every nook and cranny and purchase the same materials to ensure that the products we manufacture are virtually indistinguishable from the designer originals in every way. There are cheaper replicas on the market, but there are no better replicas available anywhere."
  8. This site clearly says their items are fake.