authenticate this website

  1. I recently ran across and they sell gucci bags alot if discontinued ones.Is anyone with this site?
  2. I wouldn't buy from them. They do not list a physical address anywhere and I cannot find a return policy. You will have a hard time tracking them down if they send you counterfeit merchandise.
  3. thanks
  4. lorihmatthews beat me to it, but yeah, I wouldn't trust this website. It has shady written all over it. They claim that:

    "All merchandise sold by or are guaranteed to be new and authentic. Our fragrances and skin care are from authorized U.S. distributors. Our handbags and wallets are directly from the manufacturers in Italy or U.S. boutiques (for example Gucci or Dior boutiques). We have established strategic partnerships, building a capability of always offering you a unique and extensive selection at the best possible value."

    This made me laugh, because Gucci and Dior are luxury brands that sell at high-end department stores -- I don't think they would be doing business with a shady online e-tailer going through yahoo.

    For entertainment, here is the return policy:

    Note the part where you HAVE to contact them within 24 hours to request an RMA if you are unsatisfied, yet the package cannot be opened or used :confused1:. They also want you to return promotional gifts that you receive!!
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    I have ordered from this company with dissappointing results! :tdown: I did find a contact number (******) for a MS R.A.. I left a message for someone to return my call but to no avail! So I never received my order but ,then again, my card was never charged either!! :tup: So what's going on? I have no idea but BEST NOT TO USE THIS SITE. Find a legitimate site from which to order!.:yes: