Authenticate This Website

  1. Hello Elliespurse,
    Thank you so much for your help.I will check the authenticity of the bags as you said and will be back with an answer.

  2. Hi, the website it self looks ok except the uk tax reg nr is missing on the site. Perhaps someone else can look at the items sold.

    Hope it helps a little.
  3. Hi, the website it self looks ok and there are more posts on this. Perhaps someone else can look at the items sold.

    Hope it helps.
  4. Gucci crystal wallet and handbag. I'm getting sick thinking this may be fake. It came with a receipt in all.
    image-2991817109.jpg image-4066116877.jpg image-2478761595.jpg image-1248319047.jpg image-3204475194.jpg image-1914807529.jpg image-2534854611.jpg image-520639031.jpg image-2866763459.jpg image-881473737.jpg image-1478672268.jpg image-2914317497.jpg image-1991484322.jpg image-3158316299.jpg
  5. Please add too - I just bought a Ferragamo and it was a complete fake - thank goodness I got it in the sale, but it was still very expensive. They are thieves and misleading the general public.
  6. How? .....wish we had a process to follow. I can't even go and leave any seller feedback on, now I know why!!!
  7. Hi and welcome, I moved your posts to the Authenticate This forum because they were off topic in that thread.

    I'm surprised you got fake Ferragamo at Styledrops. They usually takes returns though.
  8. Hi, you first navigate: Premier Designers-->Gucci
    at the top of the page you see the Gucci auth thread as "sticky"

    is this ok?
  9. OMG!!! This site is selling fakes and has a boutique and over 9000 likes on FB!! How did they manage that? What can we do?? That is terrible :nono::yucky::bagslap::wtf:
  10. Thank you very much!!!It's help!
  11. I wish one day us gals (and guys), wouldn't have to ask these "legit or not" questions. It's really nerve wrecking, annoying, and disheartening when you purchase something fake, or are excited about the low price on your most coveted bag - only to find out the website is a scam!