Authenticate This Website

  1. A few years ago I bought a Prada BR1254 from Dominooch and took it to a Prada store and they said it was authentic.
  2. Does anyone know if Styledrops is legit too? I'm eyeing on a YSL bag they have.

  3. Styledrops is legit, but be sure you check other sites for the bag first. Styledrops is sometimes overpriced.
  4. Thanks, ArmCandyLuvr. That's the reassurance I needed and many thanks for the price tip. That helps too. :flowers:
  5. BabyK - I know Shopbop is authentic - but is Dellamoda suspect? I've heard their stuff is authentic, but have never purchased....
  6. how about


    i need to know more then one person's opinion!
  7. I would only patronize the sites that are endorsed by this forum to be on the safe side.
  8. Has anyone heard of Eurobellacollections? Are they legit?

  9. I've been hearing bad things about Dellamoda. It's been said by some people on this forum that they sell a mix of fake and authentic. If that is the case, would you risk it?
  10. There's normally a section that states "mirror image" hand bags but its normally hard to find in those websites when they bother to include it that is.
  11. Ok, so there has to be a way to get AUTHENTIC handbags by all the big guys at a decent price...Right? I mean, all the people on eBay (that are selling authentic) have to get there supply from somewhere...WHERE???? I have bought list after list and received dead end after dead end! I was excited about, but after reading this forum...I must say a silent tear was shed. Thank You for saving my butt. What about these
    Please help me navigate this tangled web...Where do all of you get the deals? Thanks!!!!:tup:
  12. The sad fact is that if you want a new, authentic handbag, you most likely won't be able to get it at a "decent price" unless you find it on sale at a department store or REPUTABLE website, such as Neiman Marcus, eLuxury, Net-a-Porter, etc. I don't know all the sites that you mentioned but a few of them are known to sell fakes. There are many sellers on eBay who sell authentic merchandise, but you have to be very, very careful. Those who sell authentic merchandise on eBay are either selling from their personal collections or perhaps for friends and family. For example, you cannot get Louis Vuitton at a discount -- their bags do not go one sale and are never sold anywhere except eLuxury and other high end department stores. Any webiste that tells you otherwise is lying.

    You will learn a great deal here by reading the threads and you will be pointed in the right direction. Have fun and good luck!
  13. no actually:nogood:
    There's no place online that sells authentic Chanel, hermes or LV at "a decent price"/steal.
  14. I do not know about some of the web sites you have listed but l do know that sells replica/fake bags and was a member of eBay turning over £21,000 per month in fakes until they were NARU by eBay. They then opened up at least two other ids - one of which was brought down yet again and have now obviously opened up their website as they were listing over 130 bags at any one time. Big, big business to lose out on eBay.:tdown::tdown: Please dont get scammed into thinking that their items are authentic!!
  15. THANK YOU !!!! THIS FORUM ROCKS...:heart: