Authenticate This Website

  1. Does anyone know if any of these sites are legit?:shrugs:

    Authenticbagz, Brandunions,
    DD Distinguished Designs, Dellamoda,
    Designers Imports, La Perle, Vogueland, Elle Luxury, eDesignerShop, The PrincessesCloset,
    Discount Designers, Designer Apparel, Love5season,,,, Bananasoup

    Do any of these sites sell authentic handbags?????????:confused1:

    Someone help, I'm new at all this!!!!!
  2. I was just looking at edesignershop myself and asked about it on another thread...havent heard back from anyone....prices seem too good dont they? And a lot of the pics dont show the bales or tag numbers....I hope we find something out...
  3. is amazing. You definitely have to check them out. Usually, they are either a little cheaper or more expensive, but they have super fast FREE shipping, all the time..

    A GREAT Sale...and yes, everything there is absolutely legit. The best thing about's new every day.
  4. Brandunions is not legit. I ordered a gucci bag from there and ended up sending it back you could tell it was fake in so many ways. When I called them out on it, they said they would just refund the money but never answered the questions about being legit or not.
  5. Shopbop is the only one.

    There's Bluefly, Net-a-Porter, Yoox, ShopIntuition, Aloharag and others that sell real bags. And of course, saks and NM. And some sellers on eBay.
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  6. Thanks so much for all the info, I usually end up learning things the hard way. :wacko:
    So La Perle sells fakes also?
  7. Yes it definitely does...well, DID. Went to their website and it says:

    Pursuant to a Judgment and Order of the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of New York, the owners of the website previously appearing at this web address were held to have been selling counterfeit merchandise through the site, including counterfeit Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags.
    For genuine Louis Vuitton and Chanel merchandise, please visit the official Louis Vuitton and Chanel websites at and"
  8. Yes La Perle is definitely fake. The only authentic site on your is Shopbop.
  9. Soooooooo better to be safe than sorry!!!
    if it's to good to be true, it's most likely fake!!!:idea:

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!:party:
  10. Anyone tried
  11. Does Dominooch sell fakes?
  12. Sites I trust
    dept stores (
  13. Dominooch and Yuella are both fake. Again, all of the sites in the OP's list are fake except Shopbop.
  14. Is Revolve legit?
    I'm tempted to use my introductory 30% off... hehe
  15. ^ if that u mean, then yup it's 100% legit!
    happy shopping;) i love them w/ excellent customer service