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  1. Is an authentic website?
  2. Fake! In fact, I think these are the same scammers who ran Bergacci and LaPerle. If you search this forum, you've find plenty on these horrible people.
  3. Thank you so much!:rolleyes:

    Hey is this an authentic website?
  5. ^^^ Yes, but they are overpriced for used bags. Their bags are only a few dollars cheaper than a new one!
  6. Thank you there,i see that they're selling a new prada gauffre on ebay and it costs US$1,999. What do you think?
  7. That's more than is charging. You're better off purchasing the bag from retail outlets instead of paying a markup on eBay for that item.
  8. I searched on neiman marcus but they only come in tessuto, not leather... :sad:
    The leather is yummy.. What do u suggests girls? I really love it!!
  9. Well, if you really want it, post in the Prada forum to get everyone's opinion to make sure it's real first ... you don't want to take any chances on a bag that is so expensive!
  10. Please Authenticate this


    Sadly i did by from them (bracelet) and did recieve is now really hard to get hold of them...!! appears bronze or copper is coming through the silver! so is it fake as much as the website?
  11. ^^^ Yes, this site sells fakes. The ONLY site for authentic Tiffany jewelry is As a matter of fact, the site says they sell fakes on their FAQ page. It says they sell "AAAA quality designer inspired jewelry".
  12. dam!! ok thanks guys!! should of done my research first
  13. Hi everybody! Does anyone know anything about the authenticity of a website named They have some BV bags on sale, and I was thinking about taking the plunge. Any info would help. Thanks.......
  14. Absolutely, positively fake. LV and Tiffany do not allow their items to be sold on other sites, so i would bet that everything this site sells is fake.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.