Authenticate This Vivienne Westwood

  1. Hello dear fellow PFers,

    Could anyone help me authenticate this Vivienne Westwood bag? I found it on eBay and thought it was really beautiful and very roomy for my student life style. It costs around 160 pounds ($320) on eBay. Maybe a bit too cheap to be authentic? I so want to go ahead and buy it but I'm trying to be reasonable, since carrying a fake designer bag would be the last thing for me to do.

    Thanks a lot.
    vw bag1.JPG vw bag2.JPG vw bag3.JPG vw bag4.JPG vw bag5.JPG
  2. i think it's authenticate!Nice bag!
  3. I can't really say.. The leather looks a bit too shiny? But it could be bad lighting.. Does the describtion say from what year it is??
  4. Hey ladies, thanks for your reply.

    And no, unfortunately it doesn't say which year it's from. I wish it did. The bag is brand new unused. I've been trying to find photos of the same bag on the Internet but had no success. Simply can't find this bag (or its photos) anywhere else than the seller's site. Maybe this bag is simply too old (or not even real) or I haven't looked hard enough?
  5. I have 2 Westwood bags and my husband paid £450 + £480 for them from a reputable shop so the price seems very low for an authentic bag :shrugs:
  6. Yeah, I agree with you, Mulberrylove. I'm fully aware of the fact that the price is a bit too cheap to be authentic , esp the bag is brand new, but some part of me is hoping maybe, maybe it could be a real thing. Oh boy, am I in denial?
    Thanks for your reply, Mulberrylove. And I totally adore your Mulberry collection. I myself am looking for a Bayswater but am wary of lots of fake ones on eBay that still ask for over 150 pounds. The above VW bag or Bayswater, I think I just like this sort of roomy bags and the shape.
  7. If you have seen any Bayswaters on Ebay that you like place the link or item number here and i'll have a look for you and i'll give you my honest opinion, but.... you will not get a new authentic one for £150 they are definately fake there are a couple of genuine Bayswaters on Ebay at the moment it just depends on what colour it is you are looking for :yes: ?
  8. Right. I guess I should stop dreaming about this VW bag. It ain't for real, I suppose. Thanks for you girls' replies.

    And hi Mulberrylove, thanks for offering me the help! Much appreciated. I shall continue the discussion of Bayswater elsewhere, like your thread in the Newcomer's Lounge. :smile:
  9. I have one VW bag and am also a fan of VW. So far the first two are definite fakes. I can't tell on the third one as I"m not familiar with that style. Sorry about that.
  10. Hello Slip, I also like VW but have none of her bags as yet. How do you spot a fake?
  11. The first two are definite fakes because they just don't measure right when you compare them to the genuine ones. The fabric looks too rigid and the trimmings don't look like real leather. The fonts on the nameplate are also wrong. Also the prices and the location are dead giveaway. I will not be commenting on the third one as I'm not familiar with this style even though the nameplate seems to look like the same one on my bag.
  12. thanks everyone!
    i really want the second one, but no one knows if it's fake or real :sad: