Authenticate this vintage Chanel drawstring bag

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  1. Hello Chanel lovers,

    I am new to this forum. I would greatly appreciate anyones input on the authenticity of a vintage bag I recently got on ebay. The seller claims she purchased the bag about 8 yrs ago from Neiman Marcus. It does not have a hologram sticker. I believe there use to be a gold oval stamp with "made in italy" imprinted on the opposite side of the gold "Chanel" mark that has faded. All hardware is gold (looks to be 24kt plated) and heavyweight. Construction of the exterior looks very good, and I have compared the quality to my bags that I personally bought at Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive. My concern is that:

    1. The interior does not feel as supple as my other bags. It is possible that it is a high-quality vinyl but I could be mistaken. However, the exterior leather is exactly like my other Chanel goods that I purchased from the Chanel boutique.
    2. No hologram sticker and I did not see any sticky spots that would indicate that it originally had one.
    3. I am not sure if Chanel produces bags in which there is a coin pouch attached to the interior.
    4. The zipper on the coin pouch is unmarked. It does however appear to have an authentic CC tag attached to the zipper.
    5. The construction of the lining is questionable. If you look at the photo, you can see about a 3" stitch to close the seams on one corner of the lining.

    Please let me know your thoughts. If I can, I will try to post more pics.

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  2. Questions regarding Authentication should be posted on the Chanel Shopping Library, "Authentication Thread." There are a lot of experts there.
  3. Thanks for the info iqaganda. I will do that.
  4. No prob! :idea:
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