Authenticate This VALENTINO

  1. thanks so much Mithril :smile:, I appreciate all info ...happy this turned out great !

    by the way your Valentinos are divine, beyond divne......also Miu Miu orange with new hardware is amazing !!!!!!!!!;)
  2. Hi, I cannot find them on the Australia eBay site now. Also, I was watching some shoes from this seller on the US site as well as a matching evening bag & they are both gone from all listings. Thus, perhaps they were bought or something else happened. Sorry I cannot help more. Mithril
  3. Hi Mithril, Thanks for your reply. I just realized afterwards that they are all gone and the seller is no longer a registered user.
  4. ^^ Not a good sign. Probably best that you didn't get them anyway.
  5. Thanks. Let me mull over the choices. Thanks for the help.
  6. Agree with LL. I would add: I have bought from Ali-babe. Excellent service, you will get the bag pictured which is pristine and authentic. The second seller doesn't even show you more than one picture which is a stock picture could have been downloaded from anywhere. You would need to make sure they send you lots of pictures of the actual bag you would be getting. The third seller same thing & is in Germany. Remember if you buy from overseas through eBay, you are responsible for any customs snafus etc.

    The bag LL showed you looks like a great deal.

    Good luck!!!
  7. Thanks for the tip. I have learnt so much about Valentino at this forum. The bag LL showed me is really beautiful but I am so afraid of 'light' color bag after my disaster with a white leather bag (nice to look, nightmare to use). I really love the darker color bags from Valentino - Red is my fav followed by Emerald (although it would make the rose look like a BIG cabbage).
  8. This bag is authentic. The denim is blue, but it's a very dark blue. I have this bag and I have to say it's probably my most used Valentino.
  9. ^^Looks real, but the clincher would be a closeup of the inside label and the serial number in the inner zip pocket.