Authenticate This VALENTINO

  1. Valentino bags are top quality and trying to emulate their intricate designs usually ends in unfortunate looking products.
    The overall design of the bag, details, the workmanship, what should or shouldn't be in a specific bag... There are many thing to look for when authenticating and it can be tricky specially if you are not familiarized with the brand.

    Most Valentinos have a code tag sewn inside the inner pocket, but this isn't always the case with older/vintage bags. Authenticating an older, pre-2000 bag is trickier

    Here is my biggest advice to anyone that is not familiarized with Valentino bags: If something looks "off", its probably a fake.

    I'm not an expert on vintage Valentinos either, but please post pictures of your bag to see if we can help :smile:. (The front, the back, the base, sides and the inside)
  2. Dear mga13 and LabelLover81, thank you for your response. I did a little information gathering, and I'm quite positive to conclude that it's a fake (confirming my intuition).

    I'll admire the Valentino collections of others for now... :smile:
  3. Hi ladies, can you help me? I´m not familiar with Valentino bags so I need your help!
    This bag just arrived, it´s leather (at the first sight I was not sure, design of leather looks bit odd, but I´m sure it´s leather), inside is synthetic material. There is only heatstamp, no other tag or code. Can you have a look on it? many thanks!

    Item name: ???
    Link: no link
  4. :smile: Hi Nikuska:
    I must admit that I'm not an expert on vintage Valentino bags. From what I see, the logo inside the bag is the older one, less rounded and more regtangular-like. That bag might be pre-1998. The font in the strap doesn't look bad. Also the stitching looks good but thats all I can say.

    There's no way I can be 100% sure of its authenticity, as I said I'm not an expert on vintage bags. Sorry I can't help you more.
  5. Thank you very much for help! :smile: Seller has 100% feedback, sold authentic bags before, I hope this one is real too...
    If can anybody help with vintage bags, I will really appreciate it!
  6. Hello!
    Hope you can help me. This "Valentino" was posted and won by someone on 02/04/11, now it is re-listed. Besides this re-listing, it just seems too good to be true. Can you authenticate (or not) for me? Thanks bunches!
    Item: Authentic Valentino Leather Purse Made in Italy
    Item #: 200577033293
    Seller: valuablediscoverys
  7. Unfortunately we are not experts on vintage bags. I can tell you I haven't seen any hardware on even older bags like that before, but that doesn't mean much. It could just be an anomaly. We can see if MGA may know more.
  8. Hi dekage1!

    That bags is not Valentino (Garavani). It is from another italian designer named Mario Valentino.
    I'm sorry I can't help.
  9. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your input and expertise.
  10. Absolutely you helped! That is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you for taking the time to help me. I truly appreciate your expertise!
  11. Hi Cherry! They look good to me, but I'm not shoe expert. We can wait for MGA, or maybe Frick&Frack would be able to help since she has an extensive V shoe collection.
  12. Hi chrryluvsshoes: I'm not a shoes expert either, but they look good to me too. Maybe frick&frack will have the answer.
  13. cool thanks for your help ladies, they've been confirmed authentic now :biggrin: