Authenticate This Valentino Garavani

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  1. Please authenticate this Valentino Garavani Handbag. I purchased it on Ebay last week and when I got it the leather does not appear real. It doesn't come with a serial number, or anything that would give me comfort. I have over 30 Chanel and almost as many Louis Vuitton handbags. I've only bought one Valentino and it was an evening bag.
    I am really scared about this purchase and hope that I didn't waste $750. I've never bought on Ebay and I don't want this to be my introduction. I hope I am just a little paranoid and can graciously leave great feedback.
    Please Help!
    db61_1_sbl3 (2).jpg f6a6_1_sbl2 (2).jpg
  2. frency, I see your pictures are watermarked LESHENT. From what I have seen and heard of the seller's reputation it is a good one. Do a search on tPF on Leshent to ease your mind a little. The bag you are picturing is the Drape bag. I ordered this bag from Saks but returned it. The leather in your picture looks right to me. I do know what you mean about the leather on this bag. It is very glossy and smooth and is a little "thinner".The picture of the side plate is not a very good one...hard to really see the font. The bag should have riri zippers (my other Valentinos do). BTW, this bag was deeply reduced right around Christmas. I saw it on sale for around $900.00 after I paid over 2K. You got a great deal on this bag! I think I remember LESHENT having this bag up for auction at a much higher price for a while. A side note on the bag, I did notice unstuffed the bag had a tendancy to slope to one side because of the asymmetrical pintuck. I think the more you put in this bag the better it will look. Gorgeous bag though. Feel free to post more pictures if you would like a better reassurance based on the bags details.
  3. Please help me Authenticate this Jimmy Choo on e-bay
    tem number: 220216704773[​IMG]
  4. Yes it is authentic
  5. i have a feeling its fake, it doesnt look allright to me, in every aspect, including the price :S
  6. Thanks! I didn't think it's authentic either so I didn't bid. And just recently the seller lowered the selling price. Very iffy.
  7. help!
  8. i'm not getting this beauty, unless someone tells me it looks authentic, i need some support here!

    help plz!
  9. I wish I could help, but I don't know enough about Valentino to do so. I will say that your seller has good feedback, she's not a new seller and while she doesn't have any other bags listed, her listings look ok.

    I would ask her about returns re: authenticity just to be on the safe side. I think if she says no way for any reason, that would be an indication to steer clear.
  10. Grace thank you so much dear! i truly fell in love with your gorgeous!

    the bag i'm looking at ebay has been one of the bags i missed when it was in valentino shop, and i regreted it so bad when it was sold out, i love embroidery and flowers. i dont know, i'm not used to ebay it would hurt if it wasnot authentic! t

    hank you so much:idea:
  11. pics ... have a look and let me know your thoughts please, i'm new to ebay and i need ur help..:hysteric:
    8valbag1.jpg 8valbag2.jpg 8valbag4.jpg 8valbag5.jpg 8valbag8.jpg
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