Authenticate This Tokidoki / LeSportSac

  1. The zucca looks good. You might want to ask for a picture of the inside just to cover all your bases though.
  2. Thanks!
  3. I know these are just basic LeSportsacs, not Tokidoki, but I just want to let everyone know that these are faked too - this seller Paris*Hilton*Alive has two fake Everyday Bags and her tote is probably fake too - could someone take a look?
    eBay Seller: paris hilton alive: Women's Accessories, Handbags, Food Wine items on

    These are fakes: 120097193379, 120097195129

    Does anyone have any contacts at LeSportsac who can do something about getting these removed? I can't find any listing for a LS VeRO rep at eBay, and in the past I've written three or four times to LS about counterfeit LS's on eBay and nothing ever gets done. Reporting to eBay does no good at all.

  4. hi! i'm new to this forum (hang out mostly at the lv sub forum) but i have always loved the tokidoki print! i was wondering if these tokidoki bags were ever made? i know the pictures are really small and grainy. i'm interested only in the pouch. according to the seller, the bigger "bag" is a kind of tote bag where ya just sling it over the shoulder. fake? the seller is selling them for real cheap too.
    s320x240.jpg pouch.jpg

  5. FAKE!!!!!
  6. Both look real to me but someone SERIOUSLY over paid for the first one....
  7. milodrinker - TOTALLY FAKE!!! :yucky:

    Kawaii_sweets - real. zucca was overpaid, I agree!!
  8. Ok. Good thing I didn't pay for the zucca.
  9. Omg, KawaiiSweets, were you the buyitnow with the zucca? If you purchased and dont pay them, they might report you to ebay and give you a negative. If so, message the seller ur sorry and you changed ur mind, maybe they wont negative ur feedback score.