Authenticate This Tokidoki / LeSportSac

  1. Please ask all questions related to authenticity in this thread.
  2. Looks good, Bay. Go ahead and get your zucca...but be aware, it means addiction. :biggrin:

    There's a really good guide to fakes somewhere around, but right now I'm too lazy and tired to find it. Someone will post it in this thread soon (me, if someone doesn't beat me to it before the morning)...

    Actually, maybe we should start a new thread just for the guide, so it can be found easily.
  3. its good. I have purchased from vip fasions before. Just be warned that that is the "stock photo" and the print placement varies.
  4. Hehe I have to talk to bf today and see if I can buy it..since he put me on a ban :push: But thank you ladies, i truly think it's adorable!
  5. this item apprears to be authentic...but never know if you are going to get what shows in the picture. Don't be heartbroken.....

    Very risky! It is always better to buy from a trusted retailer..
  6. it looks authentic to me, but I don't have a scuola... so can't be 100% sure...
  7. [​IMG]

    Can anyone tell me if this is a fake.....the print says "flower spring"

    Thank you !
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    hulagirl1, that bag is super-fake! It is featured in my Guide to Tokidoki Fakes:
  9. omg, the fakes are getting better and better! Thats sooo crazy!
  10. hulagirl!! Super fake!! DOnt touch anything that says flowers spring!!!
  11. I would avoid anything from Asia (maybe except for Japan). Otherwise, most stuff from asia is known to be pirated, copied, faked, or anything else. That is why everyone tells me things in asia are cheaper. Unless you go to an actual store there, I wouldn't get anything off of eBay from overseas in asia.